About Us

"Horses of the Sun" is an equestrian farm located approximately 25 min. south-east of Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. We are a riding school, but first and foremost, we are a Voltige Training Centre.

"Horses of the Sun" opened its doors in Vars (Ontario, Canada) in September of 1997. It is basically the successor of "Voltige Outaouais", which ceased to operate once we (Sonja Koch and Uwe Schneider) as its principal instructors purchased our farm, moved here, and created "Horses of the Sun".

We offer weekly classes and summer camps for children (7 years of age and older), teenagers, and adults who are interested in learning the sport of Voltige. We also offer intensive courses for voltigeurs who are interested in excelling in the sport. Furthermore, we regularly give training courses and week-end clinics for voltigeurs of all levels and for coaches (beginners to experienced).


Meet "Our Cadre"