Cross-Training for the Adult Rider


Personal fitness means something different to each of us. As riders we must be able to feel the movement of the horse so that we can achieve the harmony so desired. In order that genuine harmonious riding is possible, we need to be in good condition and be able to move our own body parts independently, have a reasonable degree of flexibility, and muscles that are fit for use.

A rider who only rides a horse will not progress to his or her full potential. To obtain a more correct, well-balanced, and confident position on the horse, we must work on strength, balance, and flexibility off the horse.

Equicize classes are designed specially for the adult rider who wishes to achieve more from riding. Join us in our gym and experience for yourself how understanding the compatibility of horse and rider movement will lead to rider fitness.

Equicize classes are generally conducted as group classes, but private courses can be arranged to work on specific problem areas or personal goals.

* Exercises designed specially to bring the rider's fitness level up to his/her theory level;

* Exercises for strengthening, stretching, and increasing cardio-vascular endurance levels;

* Tone muscles, improve posture, and increase flexibility and balance;

* Learn to use your body effectively to influence and follow your horse's movements;

*Learn to control what your body is doing so that you can control what your horse is doing.

Get more out of your riding lessons and the time you spend on your horse