Style Jumping

As with Classical Riding, style jumping is founded on the groundwork of natural movement and balance of the horse. All jumping is regarded as an extension of the natural movement of the horse. Due to these principles, we never overextend this natural movement.

.Jumping lesson during summer day camp

Riders learn to feel the horses beneath themselves and become aware of the sequence of footfalls. By matching horse and rider movement and balance, the horse-rider team complement each other when negotiating obstacles. From the small ponies to the large warmbloods, all horses are schooled allowing the natural carriage and balance to propel them over the obstacles. Riders are taught to ‘ride' over the obstacles - not just ‘jump' over them. Freedom of movement and balance, position and unity (style) are instilled into each rider. Riders not only learn how to ride over the obstacles, but also how to ride during the approach and between each obstacle. Only once the true quietness, suppleness, and obedience has been achieved, can the essence of style jumping be appreciated.